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Just How Interesting are Your Accounts?

I was chatting to someone at a business networking meeting last night who said he’d thought about shifting his books to the cloud, but had decided against it. He felt that the cloud wasn’t secure enough, and he was worried … Continue reading

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Cloud Accounting : What Happens if the Internet Goes Down?

From time to time, we have mice in the roof. Well maybe they’re mice. They could even be rats. I’d rather not think about it. Whenever the scuttling sounds reappear, John goes up there, hurls some poison in the roof … Continue reading

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What’s the Hype about Bank Feeds?

My next step in getting MYOB and Xero up and running is signing up for bank feeds. What’s the big deal with bank feeds? The idea is (and I’ll explain more once I’ve actually done it) that you hook up … Continue reading

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What is accounting in the clouds all about?

All this talk about clouds sounds kind of whimsical for accounting, doesn’t it? No such luck. All that accounting in the clouds means is that instead of loading accounting software onto your computer, you work online instead using your Internet … Continue reading

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