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Just How Interesting are Your Accounts?

I was chatting to someone at a business networking meeting last night who said he’d thought about shifting his books to the cloud, but had decided against it. He felt that the cloud wasn’t secure enough, and he was worried … Continue reading

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Counting the Costs of Cloud Accounting for a Micro Business

One of the things I haven’t talked about yet is the cost of cloud accounting. In today’s blog, I’m going to focus on what this cost equation means for a micro business (in other words, a small business with no … Continue reading

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Reviewing MYOB LiveAccounts — The Next Gripping Instalment

It’s a weird day up here in the Blue Mountains. Sun then rain then mist then sun. The snails continue their crusade against my strawberry patch, whatever the weather. Anyway, it was a perfect afternoon for getting some more work done in LiveAccounts. Last time … Continue reading

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Good News and Bad News with MYOB LiveAccounts

So I got a call this morning from Darren, a lovely chap from LiveAccounts tech support (well, he sounded lovely at any rate, it’s hard to tell these things over the phone), attentive to the woes of my most recent … Continue reading

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Importing Transactions into MYOB LiveAccounts

Today’s blog comes with a disclaimer. First, in the last 24 hours, I’ve managed to reduce three people that I care deeply about to tears. Second, I’m pre-menstrual. (Are these two things related? You decide.) So maybe it wasn’t the … Continue reading

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Getting Started with MYOB LiveAccounts

So I’ve started. This morning I registered for MYOB LiveAccounts (which took a couple of gos and seemed a little glitchy but was pretty straightforward in the end), registered my business, and did the accounts setup. The accounts setup was … Continue reading

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Accounting in the Clouds

Hi everyone, Welcome to my new blog, where I’m going to sign myself (and my business) up as a real live test bunny for a couple of in the cloud accounting applications (Xero and MYOB LiveAccounts). I’m going to do … Continue reading

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