New Horizons, A Blog Partner Needed

Hello dear blog readers

After 20 years as a committed freelancer and self-employed small business owner, I’ve decided to Get Serious About My Life. I’ve now signed up to be a wage slave, for a while at least, with a wonderful company in Sydney. I’ll be working with books and words and business still, but in a different capacity.

I’m aware that soon I’ll be too busy to do anything other than intermittent posts on this blog but it seems a shame to let the whole thing flounder. So I was wondering if any of my readers or subscribers would be interested in participating. The brief? To add a blog post on a semi-regular basis (once or twice a month) about a topic related to cloud accounting and your own direct experiences. You’ll also need to be as unbiased as possible, and offer a bit of humour at the same as being incredibly serious about what is actually a rather dry topic.

Money? There is none. Not one brazz razoo. This is social media, after all.

Anyway, if you think you’d like to be involved, do send me an email:


About veechicurtis

a one-woman geekspeak to plain-english converter
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4 Responses to New Horizons, A Blog Partner Needed

  1. Hi Veechi – I would be interested in partnering with you in this blog however I am overseas until end Jan (Peru at the moment) so wouldn´t be able to start until my return – not sure how that fits in with your plans

  2. *by looked into I mean I have been trailing the Xero product and I absolutley love it and would switch over (Xero even called me to offer another month free) – but I’m being a tight-arse and refusing to pay a monthly online fee for the next 5 years*

  3. HI Veechi, Certainly I would be interested.

    You can contact me at

    Best Regards


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