Why am I only testing MYOB LiveAccounts and Xero?

Paul from http://accountkeepingplus.wordpress.com/ prompted the question of why I’m only testing MYOB LiveAccounts and Xero in this blog, and not QuickBooks Online or Saasu (the other main ‘in the cloud’ contenders in the Aussie accounting software market).

My reason is that I’m limited by time: I plan to test LiveAccounts and Xero properly by actually doing the accounts for my holiday house business using these services. Much as I adore bookkeeping (chuckle) I’m not up for doing my books three or four times using different online services. Can’t think of much worse, in fact!

The other point is that MYOB LiveAccounts and Xero are applications that have been specifically written for the online environment. For example, the whole look and feel of MYOB LiveAccounts is different to that of the regular desktop MYOB applications. With QuickBooks Online, the principle is slightly different in that there are no differences  in the product at all — what’s happening with QuickBooks Online is that your application and data is being hosted on a remote computer, in just the same way as if you log onto a remote computer using a Remote Desktop Connection.

Confused? I will talk about remote logins and how they work in a later blog, and return to QuickBooks Online and how their model for ‘cloud computing’ is different.


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