Are you ready to put your financial information online?

Okay, so before I start this whole blog deal, I’m going to ask visitors to my site whether they feel ready to put all the financial information of their business online. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? The idea that a website somewhere in New York or Hong Kong could crash and you’d be without your business information, customer listings or financials. Yet I’m assured that this isn’t the way SAAS (software as a service) works — if you put your stuff online, then your data gets backed up in several places simultaneously. So even if a tsunami hits Hong Kong or an earthquake rocks New York, your data is still safe.

But what I’m interested in is whether you feel confident enough to store all the financial info for YOUR business online, accessing your accounting software using a browser?

It’s time for a poll: let me know what you think!


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4 Responses to Are you ready to put your financial information online?

  1. HI Veechi
    I’m not “in the Cloud” with my accounts as i don’y need the extra access, but i have a client on Quickbooks online and the ability for both of us to work at anytime is great. He was also not concerned about online storage.

    • veechicurtis says:

      Hi Paul
      Thanks for being the first person to comment on my blog! That’s interesting about your client working with QuickBooks Online. Does he always work on an online basis, or does he sometimes save his file to the desktop and work locally?
      Your prompt regarding QuickBooks is timely, I’ll add a post just now about why I’ve chosen MYOB LiveAccounts and Xero as my test run.
      Best regards

  2. He is new to cloud accounts -he has just given up doing his own accounts and appointed us to do them. Just a small business, he is starting a new venture, so he is yet to do any invoices. When he is ready i will train him. I would have preferred MYOB as i like the short cuts and i get around it quicker because of them, but he was using Quicken so it was easier to keep in the family!

  3. Tony Pollard says:

    Come down out of the “clouds” and get real. Our company uses Reckon Online (no longer called “QuickBooks Online”) and found it to be a trouble free, brilliant product as it is the Enterprise version of QuickBooks. We trialled Xero, Saasu but in truth, they didn’t come close to matching the power of Reckon. We use it locally, interstate and even when I’m o/s and it works perfectly. I can back up to my local computer and print using any printer connected to the computer I’m using. If better comes along, I’ll switch to it but I don’t think that will be for quite a while.

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